Cozy Classy Cozies For Your Pet

Welcome to Lucy’s Cozy!

It’s wintertime and for those of us in the mountains, we are feeling the chill in the air. But we are not the only one’s shivering on this brisk winter days. Our animal friends deserve to be comfy and warm as well, and to look adorable while doing it.



Inspired by my dog Lucy, I created Lucy’s Cozies, handmade adorned sweaters made from 100% natural, recycled fiber materials. Each cozie is made by hand and is one of a kind, so your dog won’t have to worry about someone else having their same outfit! The sweaters are made from fitted comfortable material that your dog, cat or ferret with feel absolutely comfortable in. These lovely little sweaters are warm and comfortable, not just cute.

So, curl up by the fire with a cup of hot tea and peruse these one of a kind cozies for your dog, cat or other cuddly companion! They’ll thank you for it.